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Advancing Hose for the Door Firefighter
This Fire Engineering Training Minutes video gives tips for the door firefighter to make the advancement of hose from the entry point smoother and more efficient.

Attack Over Supply (Brian Bush)
The idea of maintaining your forward moving (Attack) line over all other (Supply) line is a prime example of finesse. Just as with water moving through the line, the line moving through a building has friction loss. Floors, corners and doors can conspire against your advance, working and fatiguing you, potentially bringing it to a halt. The more hose we can get off the ground, walls and corners the easier it will move as these are those friction points.

Estimating the Stretch
Love it or hate it, the pre-connected cross-lay is here to stay. It has changed the fire service for better and for worse. For example, it allows firefighters to rapidly pull and charge a hoseline to start getting water on the fire as soon as possible, but the simplicity has ruined firefighters’ ability to see beyond 200ft. For all the great things the cross-lay has done, it has irreparably damaged firefighters’ ability to estimate a stretch.

Properly Loading and Deploying the Flat Load (Adam Iverson, Fire Engineering)

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