2017-05-08 Easy Peasy PropsComment on this page

About a year and a half ago I built a mock-up of our engine’s crosslay hose beds in the house I was working out of at that time. This was a super simple exercise, needing only some leftover OSB and 2x4s. To secure hose in this prop I bought a couple of heavy-duty clamps that we use on the “other side” of the prop. Pictured below, we set it up higher to give us the feeling of pulling it down from the engine. I really prefer pulling from the engine since that’s “as real as it gets” but this use of our chin-up/dip bar and ladder makes reloading a cinch. If you work in a relatively busy house where pulling off the engine isn’t always possible, this kind of prop is cost-effective, easy to put together and gives you lots of reuse.

~ Matt

2017-05-08 Easy Peasy Props Crosslay 1.jpg
2017-05-08 Easy Peasy Props Crosslay 2.jpg
2017-05-08 Easy Peasy Props Crosslay 3.jpg