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To add a new page…

  1. Edit an existing page
  2. Add the name of the new page in double square brackets [[Like This]]
    (With the exception of words like and, all words in a page name should be captialized)
  3. Save the page

The name of the new page will be followed by a clickable question mark. Click on the question mark, enter the new text, and voilĂ !

The name of the link is the name of the new page.

The steps to upload a file are very similar to adding a new page. Check out File Upload.

Giving Credit

If you are adding an article that originally appeared on another website or was written by someone else, PLEASE make sure that you link to the original article, mention the author name(s) and the original publishing date. We want to make sure that everyone is credited for their work. Thanks!

If you are including an article verbatim it is courtesy to add a redirect to the original article so that the reader can see where you obtained it from. We recommend adding the following “header” before the copied content:

Original article -> [ Title of Original Article]
By Author(s): John Doe
Published October 10, 2014 | From Volume 1, Issue 10 of Some Magazine

You will need to adjust the above example accordingly.

Make your page name count

Your page name should reflect the content that it will contain. Think about it a little bit before creating it.

If you need to revise it later don’t worry, it is possible to delete and rename pages.

Forbidden characters

Not all characters are allowed. Valid page names can contain letters, numbers, dashes and a few other characters. Try to keep it simple and follow a pattern in like names.

Organizing content

Unless there is significance to a particular order, you will often see content on this website organized alphabetically. This should make it easier for people to find things. If there isn’t a reason to do otherwise, please try and keep the content you add organized like the rest of this site.