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Cornerstone Fire

Death During Search: A Look at Firefighter Deaths from 2010 – Present
Bill Carey of has done an excellent job analyzing firefighter deaths during search and rescue operations since 2010 in a 3 part series. What he found was that to date, there were 20 firefighter deaths during “search and rescue” operations. However, 7 of those have been dismissed from this analysis due to their nature of death. That leaves 13 firefighters who died in the line of duty while searching inside a structure that is on fire.

Volunteer Fire Fighter Caught in a Rapid Fire Event During Unprotected Search, Dies After Facepiece Lens Melts – Maryland (NIOSH LODD report)

My Last Dying Breath (Los Angeles Fire Department)
This video documents several incidents where firefighters from the LAFD nearly made the ultimate sacrifice. It describes the emotional details of each incident and how it affected each of the member’s involved. It is an honest, open, and frank documentation of these events.

NIST Disaster & Failure Studies - Fire

NYFD 23rd Street Collapse.pdf
Prior to the events of September 11th, 2001, the greatest loss at a single incident in the history of the NYFD was the 23rd Street Collapse. The fire occurred on October 17th, 1966 and claimed the life of 12 firefighters. The building renovations played a major role in this incident.

Phoenix Fire C02 Incident Review

Sacramento Near Miss
This video explores the events of January 12, 2015 when two Sacramento (CA) firefighters were sent through the floor of house into the fire they were fighting. They fell into the basement, trapped.


Chicago-Philadelphia-San Francisco 1950-2009 Firefighter Cancer Study.pdf (NIOSH)

Fire Smoke Coalition

Structural/Vehicle Fires and Cancer (NOISH)

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Firefighter Close Calls (aka The Secret List)
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Firefighter Near Miss

Individual Firefighter Fatality Investigation Reports (Texas State Fire Marshall)

NIOSH/CDC Fire Fighter Fataility and Prevention Program

US Fire Administration Fire Fighter Fatalities