Comments on ITLS Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

The table isn’t working for me…is there another way to access this?!

– Sam Tonio 2016-03-09 20:39 UTC

The table is fixed now, Sam. Someone tried to rename a table header and didn’t realize that the change would mess up the table. This table uses the Long Table Markup so it is a bit more complicated than the basic tables in Text Formatting Rules.

– Matt Adams 2016-03-10 06:50 UTC

Formatting Help

  • Headings come in 3 sizes: == Large, === Medium and ==== Small
  • Separate paragraphs with a blank line
  • **bold text** becomes bold text
  • //italic text// becomes italic text
  • __underline text__ becomes underline text
  • Local links like [[Main Page]] turn into Main Page
  • External links like [ Google] turn into Google

More formatting help here like how to include images.

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