File UploadComment on this page

You can upload files to this website. Every file is stored on a separate page. A page can store regular text or a file but not both.

If you want to upload a picture, for example, you will have to create a new page for the picture and upload the image to the new page. You can also replace the text of a page with a file.

File uploads are treated just like any other changes. They appear on Recent Changes, for example.

How do you upload a file? When editing a page, look for the link Replace this text with a file below the Save and Preview buttons. See File Upload Screenshot.jpg.

See Inline Images for information on how to inline uploaded images on other pages.

Naming inline images

When saving an image that will be included in a page, try and name the page that will hold the uploaded image after the page in which it will be used. For example:

[[image:Anti-Ventilation Tactics Available Oxygen.jpg]]

is seen in the page

[[Anti-Ventilation Tactics]]

This helps keep the website organized and lets everyone know what pages uploaded images are associated with.

Naming pages to hold other files

When creating a page to hold an uploaded file (e.g., a screenshot, PDF or another document type) try to name the page descriptively, perhaps using the title of the document, and include the file extension type. For example:

[[Blitzfire Flow Chart.pdf]]

This way, everyone will know that the Blitzfire Flow Chart is a PDF. Also, when people save this file to their computer it will be named appropriately.