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Determination of Fire Hose Friction Loss Characteristics.pdf (Fire Protection Research Foundation)

Fire Hose Burn-through Survey (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Project website

Fire Hose Has A Dirty Secret.pdf (Dennis LeGear)
Uncommon thoughts about commonly used suppression equipment: information to aid in the selection of proper handline hose diameter.

Thread Standards
Threads and Couplings

Hose Lays & Hose Packs

See also Hose Handling for drills, resources and videos on hose handling, options for stretching and advancing hose

The 2.5 Inch Wye Line.pdf
The addition of the 2.5-inch Wye Line has greatly enhanced the operational effectiveness of the Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department Engine Companies. Companies can now quickly and efficiently deploy long and complicated stretches at apartment complexes, large square footage homes, and homes with large set backs to name a few.

Calgary High Rise Hose Packs (44mm & 65mm)
Video by Lyndon Cousins on building the high rise hose packs used in YYC.

"Dude on Top" Hose Loading Method for top-loading crosslays
Video by Lyndon Cousins