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FDNY Forcible Entry.pdf Reference Guide

Basic Forcible Entry Training Program (Firefighters Support Foundation)
PowerPoint slideshow, Video

Drop Bar Weak Points (Ryan Royal)

Halligan By The Numbers
The mechanical advantage of the Halligan explained by Ben Shultz


Mike Perrone Forcible Entry on YouTube:

  1. Intro to the Multi-Force
  2. Gapping Techniques
  3. Forcing Inward Opening Doors
  4. Angle Iron
  5. Wood Doors and Jambs
  6. Working in Close Quarters
  7. Using a Rabbit Tool
  8. Forcing Outward Opening Doors
  9. Forcing Outward Opening Doors cont.

From the Irons & Ladders YouTube page:

  • Chain Link Gate Forcible Entry
  • Double Door Forcible Entry w/ Double Drop Bars
  • Drop Bar Forcible Entry "The Irons"
  • Inward Swinging Metal Door w/ Drop Bars
  • Outward Swinging Door Forcible Entry
  • Rolling steel door slash cut
  • Shaving Bolts v.s. Plunge Cutting Bolts
  • Skinning Metal Doors and Obtaining a Gap
  • Through the Lock for Storefront Doors

From Fire Engineering:

  • Spiking the Jamb
  • Forcing the hinge side of an outward-facing door

Training Props

Maximize the Opportunity: forcible entry training potential in an acquired structure

Storefront Simulator