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This page will be used to record notes regarding research into changes to NFPA 14 from publication to publication. Results from this research will be compiled into a new blog post outlining major changes.


  • 4-3.5.4: FDC for each standpipe system shall be located not more than 30.5m from the nearest fire hydrant connected to an approved water supply.
  • 5-2: Pressure Limitation: The maximum pressure at any point in the system at any time shall not exceed 24.1 bar
  • 5-6: Minimum Sizes for Standpipes
    • 5-6.1: Class I and Class III standpipes shall be at least 102mm in size.
    • 5.6.2: Standpipes that are part of a combined system shall be at least 152mm in size.
      • Exception: in fully sprinklered buildings having a combination standpipe system that is hydraulically calculated, the minimum standpipe size is 102mm.
  • 5-7: Minimum Pressure for System Design and Sizing of Pipe …. Standpipe systems shall be one of the following:
    • (a) Hydraulically designed to provide the required water flow rate at a minimum residual pressure of 6.9 bars at the outlet of the hydraulically most remote 63.5mm hose connection and 4.5 bars at the outlet of the hydraulically most remote 38.1mm hose station; or
      • Exception: where the AHJ permits pressures lower than 6.9 bars for 63.5mm hose connections, based on suppression tactics, the pressure shall be permitted to be reduced to not less than 4.5 bars.
    • (b) Sized in accordance with the pipe schedule … (same text) … at the topmost 63.5mm hose connection … Pipe schedule designs shall be limited to wet standpipes for buildings that are not designed as high-rise.
  • 5-8: Maximum Pressure for Hose Connections
    • 5-8.1: Where the residual pressure at a 38.1mm outlet on a hose connection available for occupant use exceeds 6.9 bars, an approved pressure regulating device shall be provided to limit the residual pressure at the flow required by section 5-9 to 6.9 bars.
    • 5-8.2: Where the static pressure at a hose connection exceeds 12.1 bars, an approved pressure regulating device shall be provided to limit static and residual pressures at the outlet of the hose connection to 6.9 bars for 38.1mm hose connections available for occupant use and 12.1 bars for other hose connections. The pressure on the inlet side of the pressure regulating device shall not exceed the device’s rated working pressure.
  • 5-9: Minimum Flow Rates
    • 5-9.1: Class I and Class III Systems
      • 5-9.1.1: Minimum Flow Rate. For Class I and Class III systems, the minimum flow rate for the hydraulically most remote standpipe shall be 1893 L/min. The minimum flow rate for additional standpipes shall be 946 L/min per standpipe, with the total not to exceed 4731 L/min. For combined systems, see 5-9.1.3.
        • Exception: When the floor area exceeds 7432 m^2 the second most remote standpipe shall be designed to accommodate 1893 LPM.