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See Fire Streams for discussion of flow rate selection and nozzle reaction

Have you checked your nozzles today?

Here is why you should.

Not sure how to test a nozzle?

See this Nozzle Inspection Training Bulletin.pdf from Fairfax County and TFT’s guide on How to Test Proper Function of an Automatic Nozzle.pdf.

Useful Nozzle Resources

A Firefighters Guide to Nozzles.pdf (TFT)

Advancements in Smooth Bore Nozzles (Brian Bush)

Automatic Nozzles: Another tool in the toolbox
Through the years, the most debated piece of equipment and the one that draws more passion from firefighters than anything else has been the nozzle. This article focuses on probably the most controversial nozzle-the automatic nozzle. It will cover what the automatic nozzle is designed to do and how it can be used.

Master Stream Devices.pdf (Jones & Bartlett)

UL Air Entrainment Testing
As part of the 2013 DHS Grant to study the “Impact of Fire Attack utilizing Interior and Exterior Streams on Firefighter Safety and Occupant Survival” testing was conducted at the Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center in Sharon Hill, PA to measure the amount of air being entrained into the structure by Fire Attack operations. Each test was designed to evaluate differences in entrainment, if any, by looking at different nozzle types, stream types, application patterns, as well as different compartment and ventilation configurations. These tests were conducted over a four day period where more than 150 tests were performed resulting in tens of thousands of data points as well as hours of video and hundreds of still images.

Discharge & Reaction Charts

Theoretical Discharge and Reaction of Fog Nozzles.pdf (Akron)
Theoretical Discharge and Reaction of Solid Bore Nozzles.pdf (Akron)

Nozzle Flow Rate and Reaction Force Matrix.pdf (Elkhart)

Discharge for Solid Stream Nozzles.pdf
Discharge for Circular Outlets.pdf

Nozzles and Master Streams by vendor


All flow and reach data for Akron Brass nozzles

Apollo Monitor Operating Instructions.pdf (VFD uses #3421)
Excel 1000 Master Stream Flow Chart.gif

SaberJet Fog Flow Chart.gif (Styles #1523/1528)
SaberJet Combination Flow Chart.gif (Styles #1523/1528)
SaberJet Nozzle Operating Instructions.pdf

SaberMaster 1250 Operating Instructions.pdf (Style #1577)
DeskMaster Operating Instructions.pdf (Style #3440)

StreamMaster Operating Instructions.pdf (Style #3578)

Turbojet Flow Chart.pdf
Turbojet 1.5 Nozzle Operating Instructions.pdf


Nozzle Flow Rate and Reaction Force Matrix.pdf

X-Stream SM-1250 Discharge Data.pdf
X-Stream SM-1250 Flow Chart.pdf
X-Stream SM500E-SM200E Operating Instructions.pdf (SM-1250E)
Scorpion Electronic Monitor Operating Instructions.pdf (Style #8294-04)


Blitzfire Flow Chart.pdf
Blitzfire Operating Instructions.pdf
Max Series Nozzles Operating Instructions.pdf

G-Force Nozzle Operating Instructions.pdf

TFT Piercing Applicator Operating Instructions.pdf

Thunder and Quadra Nozzle Operating Instructions.pdf (ThunderFog, QuadraFog, QuadraCup)