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Skills covered during the May 30th VFD Hose Clinic

VFD Hose Handling Clinic Outline.pdf

  • Advancing hose from an apparatus – the covering amount and making sure the bed is empty
    • Flaking out a pre-connect
    • Preconnect flip & payoff
    • Advancing forwards from the rear of an apparatus
  • Flaking lines prior to entry – take your time and the modified standpipe
    • Coil method
    • 65mm Defensive Hose Lay
    • Attack over supply
  • Extending and reducing hose lines – the hose isn’t long enough, or we need smaller lines
    • Extend 65 or 44 using…
      1. Hose clamp
      2. More hose
    • Reduce 65 to 44 using…
      1. Hose clamp
      2. Gated-wye
      3. 44 hose
      4. 44 nozzle
  • Advancing lines up stairwells – two lines max and estimating hose needed
    • Two firefighter shoulder load & payoff
    • Coil up the stairs
    • Stairway well hose stretch
    • Multiple options
  • Flaking out hose in stairwells – gravity is your friend
    • On landing above (coil or accordion)
    • Stairwell above (find the middle)
    • Coming from below
  • Managing friction points & advancing hose that has been laid out and charged – a firefighter at each friction point
    • Interior hose handling