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Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association

Basic Vehicle Extrication Training Program (Firefighters Support Foundation)
Covered topics include extrication philosophy, scene approach and control, passive and active safety systems, safety system mitigation, and more. The program consists of a 30-minute video presentation, including lecture and demonstration, and an accompanying 32-slide PowerPoint.
PowerPoint slideshow, Video

Alternative Fuel Vehicles (Cal Fire, Office of the State Fire Marshall)
The “Emergency Response to Alternative Fuel Vehicles” combines the training programs that have been produced to address a variety of alternative fuel vehicle programs as they have “come of age” over the years. These projects span from electric vehicles, the vehicle of choice in the mid 1990’s to Fuel Cell Vehicles, the vehicle of choice for tomorrow. In between we have also seen propane, natural gas, hybrid electric, and bio-fuels as other alternative fuel choices. This program is designed to prepare emergency medical, law enforcement, and fire service personnel for an emergency response involving a wide range of alternative fuel vehicles.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles Safety Training Program
NFPA’s self-paced online training program for Emergency Responders teaches emergency responders how to safely deal with emergency situations involving alternative fuel passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, and commercial fleet vehicles. Upon completing the program, students will receive a certificate for their successful completion.

Advanced Steel

Boron Extrication
A site to help firefighters learn where Boron, Ultra-high Strength Steel and other hazards are located in vehicles.

Extrication Updates for Vehicles with Advanced Steel Structures


Rescue 42 DVD
This is the complete Rescue 42 DVD including 15 chapters, an Intro and an Outro


Dealing with airbag cylinders in the cutting area


High Tension Cable Barriers.pdf (Minnesota DOT)
VX Tips for Emergency Responders. This document is specific to Minnesota but identifies issues that are common to high tension cable entanglement.