What Is A WikiComment on this page

This website is like Wikipedia – but smaller.

A wiki is a website that has the following two properties:

  1. Anybody can edit the pages of the wiki, and anybody can undo these edits
  2. It is easy to write new pages for the wiki, because it doesn’t use HTML

(There are exceptions to both rules.)

You can format page content without having any special knowledge. To do this use the Text Formatting Rules when editing or creating a page.

The Basics


Here’s how a wiki works: People visit the wiki, reading the pages. That’s what you see on the left side of the picture. When a visitor sees something that’s wrong or needs fixing they can just go ahead and fix it. Anybody can edit the pages of the wiki. That’s what you see at the bottom of the picture.

At the bottom of the picture you can see that each change is recorded. The wiki records the difference between the old and the new revision of the page and lists the change on a special page called Recent Changes. That’s what you see on the right of the picture.

Recent Changes is where regular visitors check for new changes to the site. If they see something they disagree with they can discuss it, move it, or undo it.

Not only can existing pages be edited easily, new pages can be added just as easily. Edit an existing page, add a link to a new page, and save. The link to the new page will allow you to edit the new page. By doing this all pages are automatically linked and the web of pages grows organically.

It’s just as easy for people to reorganize wikis, too. Create index pages, title pages, sections, categories – if you can write it on a page, anybody can do it.

What’s Next?

Getting Started covers the basics of using this website. Check it out.