YYC Pump Chart RevisionsComment on this page

This is a summary of changes made to the YYC Pump Charts. If you have printed copies of the charts this page will help you to figure out what has changed since the last printing.

Bold revision numbers indicate revisions that were actually printed.

Revisions Summary
13.20150612 - Include approximate APP loss for 32mm Blitzfire (Inline Pressure Gauge)
- Include only relevant flows and APP loss for Blitzfire PP numbers
- Increased range of PP Nozzle Reaction calculations
- Added 24mm TFT x 1 to Standpipe Inline Pressure Gauge chart
- Added Smooth Bore Tip discharges for 2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75 (inch) sizes
- Added Pump Formula calculation area to reverse of worksheet
- Added Pump Performance Curves to reverse of charts
- Corrected Standpipe & Combined Systems PP to 1100 kPa
12.20150516 - Moved Inline Pressure Gauge Settings to worksheet
- Moved Maximum Forward Lay to worksheet
- Removed NP from PP charts (not needed - this can be found in Smooth Bore Tips)
- Added Elkhart Brass master stream nozzles
- Adjusted Friction Loss Calculations and added 7500 and 8000 LPM flows
- Moved Scene Diagram to reverse side of worksheet
- Increased size for pump & tool accounting
11.20150512 - Added link to YYC Pump Charts page
- Added Common Nozzle Pressures and smooth bore volume formula to worksheet
- Reversed order of PRESSURE/FLOW columns on pump accounting worksheet
- Changes to improve usage (changes account for less than 1% when flowing 3000+ LPM):
– Rounded Smooth Bore Tip discharge volumes ± 10-20 LPM to nearest 100
– Rounded select PP kPa values to nearest 50 (differences of 10-20 kPa)
– Rounded all Standpipe Inline Pressure Gauge Settings to nearest 50
9.20150504 - Corrected 44mm Akron Saberjet PP kPa @ 720 LPM
- Added Aerial Waterway FL based on email from TO Brian Toth
- Adjusted FL calculations for 65mm Saberjet in Standpipe Pressure Gauge Settings
8.20150425 Added SaberMaster 1250 maximum discharge pressure
7.20150423 - Corrected spelling mistakes
- Expanded per appliance loss numbers for Blitzfire
5.20150410 Fixed GPM/LPM typo
5.20150318 Fixed incorrect symbol between APP and EP