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Irons & Ladders



  • 00:31 UTC First Ladders Class of 2016First one of the season. It filled very quickly last year, grab your spot today if interested!


  • 18:40 UTC Chain Link Gate Forcible Entry VideoHere is a new video covering some options on chain link gates that are locked up with padlocks and chain. This is a great option for the outside firefighter to make quick work of these common problems with the hand tools that should always be with you.

The Fire Critic



  • 15:53 UTC Sons of Valor, Parents of Faith by James J. O’Donnell
    Retired FDNY Lt. James J. O’Donnell has published his first book "Sons of Valor, Parents of Faith". His 30 year career ended with his last response being 9-11. Since then, he has returned to his studies in Theology and Religious education. All proceeds from the book are earmarked for FDNY charities. The book is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. 


  • 15:59 UTC Product Snapshot: The Mask Guard
    The Mask Guard is a brand new way to protect your Scott® AV-3000® SCBA mask. Its very strong plastic and easy to use clips make it the best way to store and protect your mask.

Vent Enter Search


  • 10:00 UTC A Welcomed Butt

    Throwback Thursday post: Original posting date April 6th, 2014. In today’s fire service we continually have to do more with less. As firefighters we have the mindset to improvise, adapt, and overcome problems we encounter. Unfortunately, we are now forced to accomplish this with fewer personnel on scene. To overcome this we need to look […]

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  • 10:00 UTC Aerial LED’s

    Throwback Thursday post: Original posting date December 09th, 2010. The crew from DCFD 13 Truck #4 sent in these photos of an upgrade they made to the tip of their aerial. They removed the bulky spot lights often found on an aerial’s tip and replaced them with LED light strips. The main purpose of the […]

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  • 11:00 UTC Padlock Twist

    Throwback Thursday post: Original posting date August 20th, 2014. Our friend Andrew Brassard submitted this video showing the Padlock Twist. A padlocked chain is an extremely common forcible entry situation we may come across. One popular method of defeating this set-up is to try and drive the padlock off the chain by inserting the pike […]

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