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Irons & Ladders




  • 18:40 UTC Chain Link Gate Forcible Entry Video
    Here is a new video covering some options on chain link gates that are locked up with padlocks and chain. This is a great option for the outside firefighter to make quick work of these common problems with the hand tools that should always be with you.

The Fire Critic


  • 17:28 UTC Helmet Cam: Durham, NC Commercial Fire
    No one was injured in a fire Wednesday at an unused building in Durham, officials confirmed. The building, located at 5304 Groucho Lane near Highway 70, was once the Sea to Shore Seafood restaurant.
  • 17:09 UTC Video: LAFD Battle House Fatal House Fire
    1-10-2018 LAFD 26’s & 15’s first on scene at 1711 South New Hampshire Avenue reported fire showing from the second floor of a large two story house. With flames showing on the the south side and heavy smoke pushing from the front Los Angeles Firefighters forced entry on the second floor, attacking the fire with several handlines.


  • 18:15 UTC Learning from Cringe-Worthy Fires
    The lesson here is to utilize this video locally in your department to discuss your actions and how you would respond if you were first on scene. Maybe if given the same incident, you might be able to decrease the loss. 

Vent Enter Search


  • 01:51 UTC Keys to the City-8hr. H.O.T.

    We will be holding a 8hr. Forcible Entry class titled “Keys to the City” at Valencia College’s Fire Rescue Institute on March 13, 2018. To register call Valencia College at 407-582-6688. As the forcible entry team, you have the pressure of the entire fire ground on you. The door must be opened to allow searches […]

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  • 19:09 UTC Strap Storage

    Maekin Healy from Santa Clara (CA) Fire Department sent in a way to store ratchet straps for easy deployment. Here is a simple tweak to help avoid multiple twists in your Auto Extrication straps during deployment. During storage, attach the hooks to the trigger. Next, simply lay the strap out flat, fold and roll like […]

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  • 22:47 UTC Forks and the Mortise

    When learning forcible entry the discussion of where to place the forks of your Halligan will inevitably come up. Your options are above the lock, below the lock or between the locks if there’s more than one. All options have their place but there is one particular type of locking mechanism where placing the fork […]

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