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What are some books that you have on your recommended reading list for your fellow firefighters?

Please list articles and books in alphabetical order, provide a small description and if possible, link titles to

Brannigan's Building Construction For The Fire Service

In 1971, Francis L. Brannigan created the first textbook focused on Building Construction for the Fire Service. His goal was to offer the most comprehensive building construction resource available to fire fighters in order to save fire fighter’s lives. His motto, “Know your buildings,” impacts every aspect of this book. It presents critical firefighting information, in an easy-to-understand format, and ensures that fire fighters have the knowledge they need before they step onto the fireground.

The Perfect Fire

This is an article from Esquire (which might as well be book for its length) that reviews the events of the Worcester Cold Storage and Warehouse Fire that occurred on December 3, 1999. This fire claimed the lives of 6 firefighters. The article gives an insight into the challenges that the Worcester FD encountered during the event and highlights the issues surrounding district familiarization, rescue of downed firefighters, air management and accountability.