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It has recently come to our attention that your website contains documents which were created by the Alberta College of Paramedics. These documents are proprietary and should not be hosted on your website. In addition to being proprietary they are out-of-date, and in the case of the training modules, the reason for their creation (a change in the EMR scope of practice in 2004) no longer exists.
If you would like to arrange to host links to our documents that are more current, please contact our Communications Manager at .
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter
Becky Donelon
Deputy Registrar
Alberta College of Paramedics

– Becky Donelon 2016-06-09 20:16 UTC

No problem Becky. The related pages have been marked for removal. Thanks for the heads up.

– Matt Adams 2016-06-13 11:16 UTC

Thanks a lot, Matt. Some of the requirements for continuing education that are listed in the welcome package, for example, no longer apply, so we do not want practitioners getting confused. As I said, if you would like more up-to-date information, you can e-mail

– Becky Donelon 2016-06-13 18:26 UTC

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