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Irons & Ladders



  • 00:31 UTC First Ladders Class of 2016First one of the season. It filled very quickly last year, grab your spot today if interested!


  • 18:40 UTC Chain Link Gate Forcible Entry VideoHere is a new video covering some options on chain link gates that are locked up with padlocks and chain. This is a great option for the outside firefighter to make quick work of these common problems with the hand tools that should always be with you.

The Fire Critic


  • 19:27 UTC Brothers Helping Brothers Firehouse Coffee Club – Join Now!
    The Firehouse Coffee Club is a monthly subscription box that delivers one to two 10 to 12 ounce bags of coffee from a first responder or veteran owned company. Along with your monthly coffee you will receive gifts with your subscription from various first responder owned companies and items to help you or your favorite firefighter stay at the top of his/her game.


  • 13:10 UTC Element Armor’s “The Game Changer” Vehicle Wax
    Scott Tenney, a career firefighter/paramedic has come up with a series of car care products named Element Armor. A couple of months ago he sent me some of "The Game Changer" which is a spray on/spray off vehicle wax. I used it almost immediately on my jeep and have been happy with the quality and protection it gave my jeep since. When I give the jeep a wash, I can still tell it has wax on it because the water beads up. 


Vent Enter Search


  • 10:18 UTC Strap Storage

    Throwback Thursday post: Original posting date December 27th, 2017. Maekin Healy from Santa Clara (CA) Fire Department sent in a way to store ratchet straps for easy deployment. Here is a simple tweak to help avoid multiple twists in your Auto Extrication straps during deployment. During storage, attach the hooks to the trigger. Next, simply […]

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  • 09:16 UTC No Overhead Obstructions

    Throwback Thursday post: Original posting date January 3rd, 2008. Here’s another of example of something you would not normally expect to see. This building has power lines running the entire length of the C side of the structure. Not only do the lines run across the back, but look closely at the second picture. The […]

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