How To Use This WebsiteComment on this page

Just like Wikipedia, this website is a collaborative work. That means that you create and improve pages. If you can add some facts or resources to a page use Edit this page at the top or bottom of the page. If you have something to share and can’t find it in the website, please write it!

Don’t worry about messing up stuff. The website keeps every revision of every page and changes get reviewed by one of the editors. It’s very easy to fix things.

The next few points should answer most of your questions.

  1. Find out how to Add New Pages. You will want to do this when starting a new topic that isn’t covered elsewhere.
  2. Make your content well organized and readable! Use the Text Formatting Rules when creating or editing a page.
  3. Want to remove a page or change its name? Read about Deleting and Renaming pages.

If you have helped make this website better please consider adding your name to the list of Editors.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page is read-only and I can’t edit it

A few of the pages on this site are “locked” to prevent changes to them. This includes the Main Page, some of the help pages like this one and special pages that you won’t see during normal use. Everything else is fair game.

If the page is read-only you won’t see an Edit this page link at the top of the page.

What is this Comments on... link all about?

At the top and bottom of every page you will see a link named Comments on.... The link at the top looks more like a button.

The comment pages are meant for discussion or feedback about something on the page that you just read.

Sometimes comment pages are a better alternative to changing the actual content of the page. That is, you’ve got something to say about what you read but you don’t actually want to change the page itself.

What about blog posts?

Think of blog posts like journal entries. They are great for sharing your thoughts or for writing brief articles. Anything that can be done in a regular page can be done in a blog post.

Links to resources or documents that you would like to include for general reference (i.e., you aren't writing an article) are probably better off in a regular page on this site.

Blog posts are named with a date and title.

Uh oh, it looks like someone edited a page that I was changing!

If two people edit the same page simultaneously you could run into a conflict. This seldom happens but just in case it does you can resolve the problem by editing the conflict.