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From: Flynn, Sean T.
Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 2015 3:24 PM
To: Flynn, Sean T.
Subject: mayday links

Phoenix used to have their full study on their website (up to last year I think). I went there last week and couldn’t find it under any of the links. I tried searching (Safety Team there is called RIC (Rapid Intervention Crew) which will start returning more hits than RIT which I started with) but didn’t get any hits other than some on their current procedures. Their report after the Tarver LODD was still up there and listed some of their shortcomings on that fire which is what led to their RIT study. The link I included here was the best summary of their test written by one of PFD’s chiefs that I could find.

Seattle Fire did a similar study to Phoenix right after with a similar test parameter and got similar results. I have found references to their study but have never found any direct link to it There is a good article out there somewhere that goes very in depth on the differences between Seattle and Phoenix and why those differences were found. I can’t find it anymore though.

Phoenix 2003

Asheville 2014

Bonus link for you that goes into some of the reasons why we don’t call maydays and compares our training to what military pilots get for ejecting and sailors get for abandoning ship and how that might contribute to our poor performance.