YYC Pump ChartsComment on this page

(aka Matt’s custom pump charts)

These are custom pump charts that I created to suit my own approach to pumping and to answer questions that I had regarding official department pump charts.

These charts are not approved for use on the floor so please don’t put them on trucks, etc. You can however use them for personal study.

Revision Notes


  • All figures have been calculated using math – not actual measurements. Expect actual fireground measurements to be different (flows probably lower).
  • These charts do not include every aerial master stream nozzle or tip currently in use.
  • A few older apparatus still have Crossfire deck guns. I have not included Crossfires in these chart since they are being phased out.
  • There ARE differences in the values used in these charts vs. the official department charts. I figure things slightly differently. The differences should not be significant.